5 Ways to Approach Your Crush After He’s Been Heartbroken

What should you do if you hear that your crush has been heartbroken? You might not want to make advances on him right away, but you can get him to notice you by helping him heal. This time, we asked single men in their teens and 20s for their opinions on the topic, and introduce five ways to approach your crush after he’s been heartbroken.

  • 1. Volunteer to be your crush’s trusted advisor. Let him know that you are there for him.

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    Your crush will appreciate your willingness to hear him out. “I don’t understand how women’s minds work, so I want to talk to a woman about it,” a guy in his 20s said. It’s preferable to talk in person, but some guys feel more at ease texting. Let your crush choose how he wants to communicate.

  • 2. Smile at your crush and encourage him. Tell him he doesn’t look like himself when he frowns.

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    Instead of asking your crush what happened, cheer him up with a smile. “I feel a sense of closeness when someone notices that I’m sad,” a teen explained. By mentioning to your crush that he looks different than usual, you can hint to him that you are always paying attention to him.

  • 3. Tell your crush he’s a step closer to finding true love. Encourage him to think positively.

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    To help him move on, remind your crush that there’s a silver lining to heartbreak. One teen said that he was impressed by this piece of advice. You can encourage your crush with positive words. You should help him realize that his heartbreak gave him a valuable life lesson and that his opportunities are limitless because there’s nothing that holds him back.

  • 4. Emphasize that a heartbreak helps people grow.

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    Flatter your crush by telling him he’s emotionally mature, because he can now relate to other people’s pain through his own experience. “This is true. Popular guys will not understand this kind of pain,” a guy in his 20s commented. You could even take advantage of the situation and tell your crush that you are attracted to guys like that.

  • 5. Tell your crush that whoever rejected him is missing out.

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    Use this opportunity to hint to your crush that you are interested in him. “This is a confidence-booster. If someone tells me something like this, I would be convinced that she likes me, and I become hopeful,” a teen said. If your crush seems happy that you are flirting with him, you know that you have the opportunity to get closer to him.

Published: October 18, 2018