5 Signs That You Need to Get Over Your Long-Term Crush

If you’ve had a one-sided crush on the same guy for many years, you are not alone. Many other women have had the same experience. But, if your feelings are not returned, is there a right time to give up on your crush? This time, we asked single women in their teens to their 20s for their advice, and share five things that tell you to finally get over your long-term crush.

  • 1. When he doesn’t show any interest, despite your continued efforts.

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    You should give up on your crush when it’s clear that he has no interest in you. “If he doesn’t change the way he treats you, no matter what you do, I think you need to realize he won’t return your feelings,” a woman in her 20s suggested. If you can’t decide whether or not you should move on, consult a female friend who will tell you the truth, and get her to help you come to terms with it.

  • 2. When your environment is about to change, because you’re both starting school or work.

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    It’s good to give up on your crush when your environment is about to change significantly. “I can’t do much now, because he’s moving away for school,” a teen mentioned. Getting over a crush is not easy, but you might come to accept that distance will make it difficult for you to get closer to him.

  • 3. When he friend-zones you.

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    It’s better to give up on your crush if he tells you he cannot imagine being in a romantic relationship with you. “I had to move on when he told me, ‘I think you’re a good friend, but I can’t think of you as anything more than that’,” a teen commented. If you’re still hoping he’ll change his mind, ask him to have another conversation with you to help you get some closure.

  • 4. When you hit a certain milestone, such as turning 25 or 30.

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    You should give up on your crush if you have a certain milestone coming up which you’ve set for yourself. “As women, we need to plan our lives carefully. Otherwise, we could end up in dreadful situations. I think it’s important to give yourself a timeline,” a woman in her 20s advised. If you have specific age-related goals, such as getting married or having a child by a certain age, you should calculate back to figure out when you need to start focusing on finding your life partner.

  • 5. When he gets a girlfriend or gets married.

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    You should give up on your crush once he has a girlfriend or a fiancée. “There’s no chance once your crush has someone special,” a woman in her 20s stressed. If you still want to snatch him from his girlfriend or his wife, think about how many people you would end up hurting as a result. This might help you reconsider that route.

Published: July 08, 2018