5 Reasons Why He Can’t Tie the Knot with His Longtime Girlfriend

You’ve been dating him for over three years and you’re ready to settle down. On the other hand, he seems to be gun-shy about making a commitment. Why won’t he propose to you? What’s the reason behind his hesitation? Today, we asked a group of young, single men aged between their late teens and late 20s to share some insight into why they can’t tie the knot right now.

  • 1. He can’t seem to find the right time to propose.

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    “I have been meaning to propose, but without any specific ideas, time has just flown by,” a man in his late 20s said, regretting his inaction. When the relationship is stable and has been for a while, it’s likely that it becomes monotonous, so much so that he procrastinates surprising you with his proposal. If you’ve set the clear goal to be wedded by a certain time and you start to hear your biological clock ticking louder, it’s time to sit down with him and have a serious talk.

  • 2. Some issues still remain that need resolving.

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    “We are both the only child, and our families have to figure out who takes over the family businesses. This is going to take a while…” a man in his late 20s is concerned. Unfortunately, there are some issues that he can’t resolve on his own. Still, time alone won’t bring answers, either. If you’re ready to move forward and tie the knot, try giving him an ultimatum.

  • 3. He can’t decide whether you are the right one or not.

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    “I’m still not 100% sure if she’s the right person to spend the rest of my life with. I can’t move forward until I’m sure,” a man in his late teens contemplates. Despite how ready you may feel, if he’s not confident about the relationship, he won’t be able to make the move. In this case, if you force him to make a commitment, you may drive him away even further. Try earning the support from friends and family that are close to him.

  • 4. There’s no immediate urge to get married.

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    “It may sound crude, but I don’t feel the need to get married right now. The way we are now is perfectly fine with me,” a young man in his 20s describes, expressing his state of mind. Perhaps he hasn’t discovered the perks of being married. In other words, all his needs are currently met, so why fix something that’s not broken? If your boyfriend is this type, it may be more effective to explain the limits of a woman’s biological clock and the disadvantages of not being married instead.

  • 5. He feels that he’s financially unstable.

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    “Right now, she’s working, too, but if she becomes a stay-at-home mom in the future, I don’t think I can support a family with my current job,” says a concerned man in his early 20s, unable to hide his anxiety. If he doesn’t feel confident about his current income or financial situation, he may not be ready to start a family. Family finance should not be a challenge for him to tackle alone. Show some support and discuss short and long-term goals for the future together.

Published: August 30, 2018