I’m Fed Up! 5 Moments When Men Realize the Limitations of Their Relationship

Do you ever impose your values on your boyfriend out of good intentions? Some things that you do without meaning any harm could actually drive your boyfriend away. This time, we asked single guys in their teens to 20s for their opinions on the topic, and introduce five moments when men realize the limitations of their relationship.

  • 1. When a girlfriend doesn’t stop texting.

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    Your boyfriend will think you are being needy if you communicate with him one-sidedly. “I get fed up with my girlfriend when she texts me non-stop while I’m at work,” a guy in his 20s confessed. Even if you are not expecting your boyfriend to text back right away, you put pressure on him to respond by constantly reaching out. Keep in mind that it’s best to text in moderation.

  • 2. When a girlfriend expects him to pick up the check on dates.

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    Your boyfriend will be upset if you expect him to pay for all the dates. “We make more or less the same salary. I don’t get why I always have to pay for her,” a guy in his 20s complained. Men like to be chivalrous, especially at the beginning of the relationship, so they tend to offer to pick up the check. However, you should also have the courtesy to suggest splitting the bill once your relationship stabilizes.

  • 3. When a girlfriend asks him how much he loves her and forces him to express affection.

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    You should not force your boyfriend to express his love for you. “I’m not that talkative, so I don’t like being forced to say things like ‘I love you,’” a teen wrote. If your boyfriend is shy, he will only put his guard up when you corner him in this way. Keep in mind that persistence will not help you in this case.

  • 4. When he has to give up his free time for a girlfriend and he has no time for himself.

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    Your boyfriend will feel tied down if you expect him to do everything together. “My girlfriend banned me from going fishing, which is my passion. I started to ask myself what my life has become,” a guy in his 20s said. It’s understandable that you want to spend time with your boyfriend, whom you love. However, you need to consider your boyfriend’s wishes and decide with him how you will spend your days off together.

  • 5. When a girlfriend talks about other guys to test his affection.

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    Your boyfriend will be uncomfortable if you talk about other guys just to see his reaction. “I didn’t know what my girlfriend wanted when she told me her coworker was trying to hit on her,’” a teen shared. You won’t gain anything by making your boyfriend feel uncomfortable. Even if you want him to pay attention to you, it’s not a good idea to mention that other guys are interested in you.

Published: October 08, 2018