5 Types of Women Men Look Forward to Getting to Know

When a man looks forward to seeing you again and getting to know you better, it’s a good sign that he’s romantically interested in you. Every time you are with him is a chance to turn your relationship into something long-term. Today, we asked young men, aged between their late teens and late 20s, to describe the types of women they feel intrigued to know more about. No matter how inconspicuous it seems, don’t waste any encounter you have with him. Learn from these tricks to leave a lasting impression with him the next time you meet.

  • 1. Pay close attention to what he has to say.

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    “It makes me feel good when she shows a keen interest in my stories. It makes me eager to tell her more,” explains a man in his 20s. By showing your enthusiasm at listening to what he has to say, he’ll be encouraged to share even more stories with you. Rather than fiddling with your cell phone under the table, look into his eyes and nod while he talks. You’ll leave a much better impression with him that way.

  • 2. Share some of your unique experiences.

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    “She knows something totally unique and that intrigues me. I want to listen to her more,” a curious 20-year-old tells us. If you give him a sneak peek into your unusual experiences he won’t be able to wait to hear the rest of your story. If you happen to have had an extraordinary experience or you have remarkable skills, have them ready as a conversational opener and grab hold of his curiosity and attention.

  • 3. Discuss a mutual friend or bond over being from the same hometown.

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    “It’s fun to reminisce about our old friends or hometown. Besides, how often do you meet a person from the same high school? I feel like we were meant to be,” says a young man in his late teens, excited about the coincidence. When you share a common network of people or places, he’ll be naturally drawn to you. If you are unsure where you have crossed paths with him, start asking about his childhood friends, hometown, high school, college, or where he worked. You’ll be surprised to find one or two common threads.

  • 4. Share similar hobbies or interests.

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    “It’s not every day I get to meet someone who shares my hobby, so when I do meet someone, I get really excited about it,” admits a man in his late 20s. Let him know that you share similar interests, and he’ll definitely want to get together with you again soon. Sometimes, you are able to guess his hobbies or interests based off of his outfit or the items he carries around. You may want to try your luck by asking him, “Do you happen to like soccer?” as a conversation opener.

  • 5. Be natural and hit it off without trying.

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    “When we’re on the same wavelength, it’s fun to be with her and I want to spend more time together,” confesses a young man in his late teens. When the conversation flows effortlessly and everything comes so naturally, he will look forward to the next chance he gets to see you. The key is to allow him to enjoy his story telling, so you’ll need to learn how and when to ask questions or give feedback.

Published: November 03, 2018