No Romantic Experience? 5 Things Men Think About Women Who Are Late Bloomers in Love

Once you are past a certain age, people may be surprised to find out you’ve never had a boyfriend. What do guys around you think about women who have never had any romantic experience? This time, we asked single guys in their teens to their 20s for their opinions, and introduce their thoughts on women who are late bloomers in love.

  • 1. They actually prefer women with little experience to women who are too comfortable around men.

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    Guys are intrigued by the innocence of an inexperienced woman. “She might not be street smart, but she’s pure. I might not deserve her, but I would be interested in getting to know her,” a guy in his 20s mentioned. It seems like there’s nothing to worry about if you are inexperienced, because most guys think that’s completely fine.

  • 2. They get curious and want to discover her innermost thoughts.

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    Some guys are curious as to why a woman would be so shy and inexperienced with men. “I just want to know why she never dated anyone,” a teen said. Guys might ask you intimate questions out of curiosity, but you shouldn’t feel pressured to provide a detailed explanation. It’s okay to brush their questions off.

  • 3. They are interested, but they think it will be too much work to date an inexperienced woman.

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    Some guys get suspicious because they find it weird that a grown woman hasn’t had any romantic experience. “There must be a reason why she’s never been with anyone. I’m a little scared to find out,” a guy in his 20s mentioned. Guys who think in this way will not share your values. So, if you meet someone like this, you might want to distance yourself.

  • 4. They want to date an inexperienced woman, so they can be her first boyfriend.

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    Some guys love the idea of exerting their influence on an inexperienced woman. “I love dating women who have no romantic experience. I can teach her everything, and turn her into my ideal partner,” a guy in his 20s said. Some guys approach an inexperienced woman to fulfill their curiosity even if they are not genuinely interested in her. Such guys are best avoided because they will not make you happy.

  • 5. They won’t think anything of it, and they will try to get to know her.

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    Some guys will try to befriend an inexperienced woman first because they understand she is shy. “She puts her guard up when I’m around, but I want her to know she doesn’t have to be afraid,” a teen wrote. Guys like this will make a good friend, if not a good boyfriend. You might want to open up to him and consider giving him a chance.

Published: October 10, 2018