5 Moments Guys Feel Glad to Be Back Together with a Girlfriend They Once Broke Up With

Getting back together with an ex-boyfriend is something many women do. However, to maintain a successful and long-lasting relationship with an ex, there are certain things you need to be mindful of. This time, we asked single guys in their teens to their 20s to share their opinions on the topic, and we introduce five moments when guys feel glad to be back together with an ex.

  • 1. When communication is effortless.

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    When you date someone for a long time, your communication becomes effortless. “We have amazing chemistry. I love how she knows what I mean without needing an explanation,” a guy in his 20s said. You don’t have to anticipate your boyfriend’s needs, but you can make him realize how special you are by quickly noticing what's on his mind.

  • 2. When it’s easy to order food at a restaurant.

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    Guys tend to feel at ease when they know what kind of food their date enjoys. “If we order sashimi, I know she will eat all the shellfish, and I will eat all the blue-backed fish,” a guy in his 20s explained. Get to know your boyfriend’s food preferences and make sure he knows yours. For example, do you prefer thin or thick crust pizza? It takes less effort to decide where to go on a date when you know what you like.

  • 3. When a girlfriend doesn’t need a long explanation to understand his concerns.

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    Knowing about each other’s past can add a lot to the relationship. “She encouraged me by reminding me that I do well under pressure. She knows how I handled a similar situation in the past, so her advice was convincing,” a teen recalled. If your boyfriend needs your advice on something, make sure you are there for him, because this is your chance to show him how much you mean to him.

  • 4. When he can talk about good memories from the past.

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    The more memories you share together, the more things you have to talk about. “We went out the other day and talked about how the neighborhood changed so much from the first time we visited the area. I love being able to talk about that kind of thing,” a guy in his 20s explained. You can remind each other about your first date or the first movie you watched together. By looking back at your past, you can fall deeper in love.

  • 5. When he feels comfortable with her.

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    Some guys realize how relaxed they are when they are with their girlfriend. “I dated other women after I ended things with my girlfriend before, but I couldn’t enjoy my time with them. I felt mentally drained,” a guy in his 20s revealed. Make sure you make your boyfriend feel comfortable whenever he’s with you. This way, he knows you are irreplaceable.

Published: October 11, 2018