5 Ways to Make a Guy Fall for You If He’s the Youngest in His Family

It’s said that the last-born sibling in a family enjoys being mothered, and that they are good at getting people to do things for them. If you fall for a guy who is the youngest in his family, what’s the best way to approach him? This time, we asked single women in their teens to their 20s for advice on the topic, and introduce five ways to make a guy fall for you if he’s the last-born in his family.

  • 1. Act like a dependable big sister, and let him know he can come to you for help.

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    Some women choose to act like a dependable, older sibling to their crush. “Even if I am younger than my crush, I show him how patient and tolerant I am,” a woman in her 20s said. If your crush is used to being taken care of by others, he will enjoy getting your attention in this way. This will also help you get closer.

  • 2. Give him attention by asking questions about him.

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    Youngest siblings are usually easygoing, and they want others to make the first move. “The last-born child in a family tends to be passive, so you need to get to know them first,” a teen suggested. You should find out what your crush likes and what he’s interested in. You can then use this information to strategize your approach.

  • 3. Take care of him in every aspect of his life.

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    If your crush has older siblings who would do everything for him, he wouldn’t mind you taking care of him in the same way. “I think guys who have big sisters get used to being mothered from a young age,” a woman in her 20s explained. Be attentive and helpful to your crush so he realizes he cannot live without you.

  • 4. Take the lead by telling him what you want.

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    If your crush does not like to lead a date, you should be in charge. “You should show your crush what you want if he seems hesitant to take the lead,” a woman in her 20s suggested. If your crush enjoys being around women who like to be in charge, he might think that you are a perfect match.

  • 5. Give him encouragement and put him in charge.

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    You can make your crush feel like a man by letting him know you are counting on him. “I don’t think that youngest siblings have had many chances to be a leader. You just need to encourage him to get him to try,” a woman in her 20s wrote. If your crush doesn’t enjoy being treated as the baby of the family, he will appreciate that you’ve put him in charge.

Published: October 12, 2018