“This is non-negotiable!” 5 Things That Men Require from Their Girlfriends

When it comes to being in a relationship, everyone has a thing or two that they are not willing to compromise on. What about young men in relationships? Do they have conditions that they’re not willing to negotiate? Today, we gathered a group of young men and asked them to share the qualities that they absolutely require their girlfriends to possess.

  • 1. Be understanding, even if he can’t see you often.

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    “My job requires me to travel frequently. I don’t have the time to console her every time she gets lonely for not having me nearby,” a busy 20-something confesses. A majority of men don’t want to go through the hassle of buttering up their girlfriends every time they have to prioritize their work over her. If you want him to see that you’re reasonable, try to understand his busy schedule and let him know that you’re willing to wait.

  • 2. Be willing to quit doing the things that bother him.

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    “I’m not a smoker and I don’t like to be around people who smoke. If she happens to smoke, I’d ask if she’s willing to quit before I commit to her,” a young man in his 20s explains, sharing his expectations. Whatever it may be, if you have a habit that he doesn’t like, he may hope you will make an effort to break it. Before things get serious, it’s beneficial for both of you to discuss what’s in and what’s out in your relationship. You may even be able to reach a compromise if you feel strongly about something.

  • 3. Have respect for each other’s private life.

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    “Of course she’s important to me, but I have my life, too. If she demands that we spend every waking hour together, I don’t think I can be with her,” a man in his 20s muses, feeling a bit stir-crazy. As much as he enjoys your company, he feels it’s only healthy to enjoy some private time away from each other. If you recognize yourself as a dependent woman, this type of man may not be for you. You may end up feeling neglected. Think again before you go out with him.

  • 4. Share the same values in life.

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    “I admit, I’m a jealous person, so I don’t feel comfortable with my girlfriend going to a party with her guy friends. I don’t think we can be in a happy relationship if we don’t see eye to eye about this basic rules of dating,” explains a man in his late 20s. In order to have a successful and long-lasting relationship, it’s essential that your values and morals are not too distant from his. If you find his demands too stringent, you may, sadly, have to reconsider this relationship.

  • 5. Love him wholeheartedly.

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    “If we decide to go out, I want to take the relationship seriously and I want her to invest herself wholeheartedly,” a young man in his late teens tells us. For many men, relationships are not to be taken casually and they require the same level of enthusiasm and devotion from you. While it’s not wrong to require a commitment from a girlfriend, some men can rush things a bit too fast. If he wants to introduce you to his parents or plans a wedding too soon, you need to put a halt to his plans.

Published: October 13, 2018