5 Things to Ask Yourself When You Don’t Know If You Really Love Your Boyfriend

When you start to question your relationship or when your relationship does not feel right, you might ask yourself if you really love your boyfriend. You might be curious how other women ascertain their feelings for their partners. This time, we asked single women in their teens and 20s to share their advice and introduce five things to ask yourself when you don’t know if you really love your boyfriend.

  • 1. When you face hardships or feel sad, who is the first person that comes to mind?

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    Think about who you would want to see and count on when you are in a crisis situation. “I think about who I would reach out to first if I suddenly get sick and I'm told I only have a few days to live,” a teen commented. Once you know who you truly rely on, you will see where your boyfriend is on your list of priorities.

  • 2. Will you have a change of heart if a wealthy, handsome guy takes an interest in you?

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    Compare your boyfriend to someone more desirable and see how you feel. “There are certain criteria that a guy has to meet. I think about what I would do if I met someone better than my boyfriend,” a woman in her 20s mentioned. Do you want to see yourself with someone with more money or a stable job? This should help you realize what you are dissatisfied with in your current relationship.

  • 3. Can you stand the idea of him sharing his life with someone else?

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    Imagine how your life will be if you went separate ways and notice how you feel about it. “Try imagining your boyfriend in 10 years. He is beside another woman, and they have two adorable, happy kids,” a woman in her 20s suggested. If you are okay with this idea, you might no longer be in love with your boyfriend.

  • 4. Are you confident that you can support him if he falls into debt or gets really sick?

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    Ask yourself what you would do if he is put in a difficult situation. “They say ‘in sickness and in health’ so I ask myself if I am ready to stand by him no matter what comes our way,” a woman in her 20s explained. Do you expect him to take care of himself? Or will you want to be there for him? These questions will help you clarify how you genuinely feel about your boyfriend.

  • 5. Can you imagine your life without him?

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    Think about how you would feel if you had to live your life without him. “I ask myself over and over if I can live my everyday life without him,” a teen commented. You might see a future without your boyfriend if you realize that you want your life to be different from what it is, or that you are not living your ideal life.

Published: October 02, 2018