9 Taboo Acts that Will Make a Man Decide, “We’re Breaking Up”

Even in a loving relationship, there are lines that should absolutely never be crossed. And it’s often the case that women are not aware of what’s taboo with a man. So here, we surveyed men to bring you, “9 Taboo Acts that Will Make a Man Decide, ‘We’re Breaking Up.’”

  • 1. “Going out with other men” – Making him sense the possibility that you’re cheating

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    “If she hangs out with other men without my knowledge, that’s cheating.” Many men think any act that hints at even the slightest possibility of infidelity is taboo. If you have a proper reason to meet alone with a male friend or friends, it may be necessary to explain it to your boyfriend beforehand.

  • 2. “Long periods of no contact” – He’s unable to reach you on the phone or by email

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    “If I can’t get a hold of her for a week, I think it’s over.” While the length of the period can vary depending on the person, long periods of no contact are considered taboo to many men. In younger men, this period tends to be much shorter.

  • 3. “Smoking while walking and tossing your butts in the street” – Especially bad manners and a lack of common sense

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    “It makes me doubt she has any common sense. The love of my life can cool off in an instant.” With smoking manners coming under more scrutiny these days, it would seem that smoking while walking or discarding smoked butts in the street is bad manners, even from a commonsense perspective. When your manners (outside of smoking) come under question, it can become difficult to maintain a relationship.

  • 4. “She breaks the same promise over and over again” – No matter how many times she promises, nothing improves

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    “We made a promise to each other, but she keeps breaking it over and over again. I just have to give up.” A “promise” is a bond that deepens a relationship between lovers. But when broken, it can destroy that trust. Even if it’s a little thing, like “arriving late for a date,” it’s important that you keep your commitment to things that you’ve decided together.

  • 5. “She cancels dates at the last minute” – She bails on appointments

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    “If she has a good reason, that’s one thing. But if it’s just because she’s feeling ‘tired,’ it’s over, on the spot.” Bailing on a date on a whim is like declaring that you’ve lost interest in your boyfriend. If you’re not feeling well, it’s good manners to let him know as soon as possible.

  • 6. “Disclosure of secrets” – She reveals a secret between the two of you to her friends

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    “We were in an inter-office relationship, and we couldn’t have it out in the open, so I don’t understand how she can just blab about it to her co-workers.” No matter what the circumstances, revealing a secret between you to others is taboo for many men. When in a relationship, both parties want to be natural and open with each other, so it’s very important that they can also trust each other.

  • 7. “She demands to be pampered” – She wants expensive gifts and dinners

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    “I was trying to save money for our wedding, but now I just feel like an idiot.” Demanding gifts or the star treatment without any consideration for his finances is taboo for a man who is seriously thinking about the future. Proposing economical dates can be a way of deepening a man’s trust in you.

  • 8. “Sneaking peeks at his mobile phone” – Opening his emails without his permission

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    “Even between lovers, there needs to be privacy. It makes me think, she doesn’t trust me.” When a girl is so concerned about his friendships that she peeks at his mobile phone, it is an act that can trip powerful emotional landmines. If you’re worried or insecure, you should talk to your boyfriend directly about it.

  • 9. “Being overly possessive” – She meddles in his life and friendships

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    “When she complains about how much overtime I’m working or about my friends, I think, this is just not going to work.” Most men think that meddling in their lifestyle is crossing the line. Appealing to him emotionally – “I feel lonely when I don’t get to see you...” is often more beneficial than trying to meddle or possess him.

Last updated: February 24, 2018