9 Traits of Women Who Are Popular among Their Friends but Hopeless When It Comes to Guys

Some women are really popular among their friends, but they’re hopeless when it comes to romance. Your girlfriends might feel frustrated for you, like, “I’m sure you can get any guy you want if you just fix this!” This time, we brainstormed with women to introduce nine traits of women who are popular among their friends but hopeless when it comes to guys.

  • 1. She’s straightforward and frank

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    “She’s boyish, so she doesn’t appear to have much sex appeal.” Women think being too frank can drive men away. Try to emphasize your feminine side, by playing up the fact that you know how to cook well or you like it when guys spoil you. This might help guys react differently towards you.

  • 2. She gets the wrong idea when a guy is nice to her

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    “She trusts people too easily…that’s why guys take advantage of her.” Some women worry about their friends who get swept away when guys are nice to them. You should learn to be more cautious. Before you date a guy, ask his acquaintances what they think of him.

  • 3. She doesn’t know how to say no when people ask for favors

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    “Why did she go out with him if he wasn’t her type?” Some women think their friends don’t know how to say no when guys ask them out. Practice stating your opinions when you are with your friends. This might help you be more honest with guys.

  • 4. She livens up the mood like a comedian

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    “Is she ok just serving as a foil forever?” Some women sympathize with their friends who sacrifice their chance at love to prioritize the comfort of others at parties. Going to a party full of single people can be nerve-wracking, so it’s good to help liven up the mood. However, you should also be bold enough to give your number to your crush.

  • 5. She’s more independent than an average guy

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    “Women appreciate her, but guys might get turned off.” Some women think guys shy away from women who are too independent. It’s ok to show your weaknesses once in a while by seeking advice from guys. Guys will be intrigued by the contrast when they see a different side of you.

  • 6. She’s too maternal

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    “Guys become useless when you do everything for them.” Women think being overprotective of guys does no good. You might need to be harsh with your boyfriend sometimes, such as pushing him away when he gets too dependent.

  • 7. She jumps to hasty conclusions

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    “She said the same thing before, but he broke her heart.” Women think that jumping to hasty conclusions lead to mistakes. You need to be cautious when you meet someone and feel that it’s destiny for you to be together forever. Listen to your friends’ objective opinions and determine if it’s really the case.

  • 8. She’s a workaholic so she tends to neglect everything else

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    “If she becomes too lazy to be feminine, that’s it!” Some women think their friends avoid romance by being too focused on work and not caring about anything else. Go on a girl’s night out once in a while, and ask your friends for tips to help you work on your feminine charms.

  • 9. Her looks and personality are so perfect that guys get discouraged

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    “Everyone expects her to have a boyfriend.” Some women think guys get discouraged when women are too perfect. You can mention that you are single or show your silly side when you are at parties. This should help guys feel more friendly towards you.

Last updated: February 24, 2018