9 Things You Can Say to Heal Your Friend’s Broken Heart

Breaking up can be devastating. It can tear a girl up and make her feel like she’ll never be able to smile again. Even in those dark days, there are some phrases friends can use to instantly improve a heartbroken girl’s mood. We surveyed a group of women and found nine things you can say to heal a friend’s broken heart.

  • 1. “Of the billions of people on the planet, at least half of them are men.”

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    “It makes me feel like, ‘Hey, with those odds, maybe I will run into Mr. Right someday after all.’” Make her stop obsessing over one inconsequential guy. This can help her get out of her rut and start looking at other guys. Focusing on the future can be especially helpful for a friend who is caught up thinking, “But I need him and only him!” even though the relationship has been over for a long time.

  • 2. “I’ll always need you!”

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    “She said, ‘I’ll always love you 10 times more than he ever did!’ and that made me really happy.” Simple, silly phrases like this can reassure your heartbroken friend that she is still valuable and loved no matter what. If your friend is feeling down, be honest with her about how important she is to you by reminiscing about everything you have been through together.

  • 3. “I am looking forward to the day when I can see your lovely smile again.”

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    “It made me think about myself smiling again someday, and even just that simple image really helped cheer me up.” Even if your friend can’t imagine it herself just yet, the happy thoughts that radiate from her friends can still find a way into her heart. Try using specific examples of happy thoughts to help her focus on the future, like “We will be yelling our heads off at that soccer game!” to conjure realistic scenes in which she can imagine herself being happy again.

  • 4. “At least you were happy for that year you were together, right?”

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    “She really helped me change my mindset from regret over the sad experience of breaking up to gratitude for the fun memories of good times we had together.” It is important not to hang on to regrets when getting over a relationship. Reminiscing about the good times can be very helpful for a friend who has forgotten how happy she was and who is stuck thinking, “If love always hurts like this, I never want to fall in love again!”

  • 5. “The best way to forget someone is to find someone new!”

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    “She told me, ‘The best medicine for a broken heart is a hot new doctor.’” Focusing on finding someone new can help heartbroken girls start thinking positively about the future. Invite her to go out and meet new people with encouraging statements like, “I know someone who would be perfect for you. Just let me know when you are free and I’ll set up a date!”

  • 6. “Screw that guy!”

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    “She made me think, ‘I can’t just sit around being depressed. She is right, screw that guy!’” Some women can be shocked out of a bad mood when their normally kind, sweet friend becomes uncharacteristically harsh and abrasive. If a girl hasn’t really seen her friend get this fired up before, this can really help her come to terms with how she feels.

  • 7. “You can cry all you want. Go for it!”

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    “I felt like I was so blessed to have a protective friend like her.” Many women are reassured by friends who always lets them be who they are. After you become an adult, you can’t always go running home to your parents when you need a hug. Reassure her that she will always have a safe spot by your side, and give her a great big hug to let her know you care.

  • 8. “That jerk doesn’t know how good he had it.”

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    “I was able to feel confident that he was the one who had lost me and that I could do better.” Phrases like this really resonate with women who have lost confidence in their feminine wiles. Shower her with praise so she remembers all the good things about herself.

  • 9. “You have really matured, haven’t you?”

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    “It make me feel more positive about the fact that the relationship wasn’t all for nothing. It was just one more learning experience.” Turn your friend’s heartbreak into a learning experience that makes her think, “I’m better for it.” It is reassuring to know that we can continue to mature and improve after we hit road bumps in life. Talk with her about how she is stronger than she was before and discuss what she learned about herself from the relationship.

Last updated: February 24, 2018