9 Types of Women Who Don’t Need to be Gorgeous to be Attractive

A pretty face is great to have in your arsenal when trying to be attractive, but it can only take you so far. We asked some men their opinions to bring you, “9 types of women who don’t need to be gorgeous to be attractive.”

  • 1. The always positive “girl with a lovely smile.”

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    “I feel happy just by being near her.” We have heard from tons of guys that a girl with a happy smile is priceless. Rather than trying to look cool and coming off as stuck-up, they can grab men’s hearts just by being their natural, friendly selves.

  • 2. The “girl who is a good listener,” who takes interest in the things other people say.

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    “When the conversation is great, I feel great too.” A lot of guys are looking for excellent company and conversation, and feel happy when they find they are compatible with a woman through conversation. When the good listener has a chance to talk to the guy she’s interested in, she’s sure to ask questions that get the conversation flowing, like, “Tell me about something you’re interested in.”

  • 3. The “girl who puts people at ease” and relaxes people with her attitude.

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    There are plenty of men who seek comfort and solace in the woman they love. While it’s difficult to force a relaxed atmosphere, girls who can put people at ease with little things, like looking happy while they eat their favorite food or expressing themselves genuinely and honestly, are always appreciated.

  • 4. The lively (but slightly concerning) “girl whom you can’t help but worry about.”

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    “I feel like I need to protect her.” Guys naturally want to protect the woman they care about, and feel drawn to someone who is full of a slightly dangerous brand of curiosity. The daring girl who wants to take on any challenge, like riding the roller coaster that she’s absolutely terrified of, will naturally draw out a guy’s instinct to protect her.

  • 5. The “girl who keeps it natural,” who keeps her hair and makeup light and simple.

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    “Having dyed hair and colorful makeup can make a girl seem kind of shallow.” Many a guy has told us that they admire a woman who keeps her hair and makeup simple, as it shows that she’s not easily pushed around by the newest trends. Wearing timeless styles, like a blouse and jeans or a black dress paired with a simple pendant, adds an extra layer of femininity to the “natural” look and can be very alluring.

  • 6. The ever considerate “girl who takes care of others.”

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    “I can’t help but feel like she’d make a great wife and mother.” Being considerate actually stands out more than one expects. A woman who notices when her friend is starting to catch a cold, or is quick to call for a waiter when her date’s glass is empty, leaves a great impression on the people she’s with.

  • 7. The “smart girl” who can keep up in a difficult conversation.

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    “I’m just happy to have someone who understands what I’m talking about.” To guys who place importance on knowledge, logic, and reason, stimulating conversation is crucial. It’s not about grades, or how studious one can be. The “smart girl” has a thirst for knowledge and tries to understand the nature of the information being shared with her.

  • 8. The “mysterious girl” who keeps things private.

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    “It’s the best when you’re with someone who only smiles in front of you.” Some quiet girls who keep to themselves only let their real selves show in front of their special someone. The mysterious girl doesn’t often reveal personal information, and drives guys to take an interest in her, to get her to open her heart to them.

  • 9. “Girls who defy expectation,” like a petite woman who is a pro at martial arts.

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    Like a girl who “seems perfect, but is unexpectedly clumsy,” girls who defy the initial impression they leave are interesting, and keep guys on their toes. Many men find that those little details make them feel like they’ve discovered something rare and attractive.

Last updated: February 24, 2018