5 Types of Women Men Find Hard to Ask Out

What types of women do men find unapproachable? This time, we asked our male readers about the kind of women they find hard to ask out.

  • 1. Women who are poker-faced.

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    Poker-faced or straight-faced women appear unapproachable, because they seem unrelatable. “It’s hard to tell what a woman is thinking when she’s poker-faced,” a guy in his 20s commented. Most men love seeing a smile on a woman’s face. If you’ve been told that you have a dry personality, try smiling more.

  • 2. Women who seem high-maintenance.

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    Men are often turned off by women who dress head to toe in designer clothes. “This type of woman is only interested in wealthy men,” a guy in his 20s explained. You should limit it to one obvious designer item per outfit, such as carrying a designer handbag.

  • 3. Women who are lone wolves.

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    If you like to spend time alone, you might risk appearing unapproachable. “I feel a little intimidated. I don’t think she likes people invading her personal space,” a teen said. If you have a crush on someone, make sure you say hi, so he knows he can initiate a conversation with you next time.

  • 4. Women with a sharp tongue.

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    Men lose self-confidence in front of women with a sharp tongue and attitude. “I don’t feel relaxed around women like that,” a guy in his 20s explained. If you are outspoken, try talking calmly with a smile on your face. This will help you sound less harsh.

  • 5. Women who never make eye contact.

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    Men tend to feel shunned when a woman does not make eye contact. “I get the idea that a woman does not like me when she refuses to make eye contact,” a guy in his 20s said. “Making constant eye contact is a sign of interest,” another guy in his 20s explained. If you are with your crush and your eyes meet, don’t be shy. It’s more effective to stare into his eyes than to look away.

Last updated: October 17, 2018