5 Contributions That Men Find Helpful for Making A Memorable Date

Women prefer men to take the lead during a date, but for some clueless men, that is easier said than done, especially when they don’t know the ins and outs of dating. Even the tiniest contribution you make during the date can put him at ease. Today, we asked our male readers to share the inputs they received from their girlfriends that helped make the dating experience a whole lot better.

  • 1. “I want to try that!” You contribute in planning the date.

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    “I admit that I’m hopelessly indecisive and I can never decide where to take her. If she gives me an idea, it’ll be so much easier for me,” explains a young man in his early 20s. Take the lead and give him options on some of the things you want to do and places you want to go and he will feel one less burden on his shoulders. Try to pick a place of mutual interest and he’ll breathe a sigh of relief.

  • 2. You bring up a conversation to plan the next date.

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    “When she doesn’t express any interest, I start to wonder if it’s okay to ask her out again,” said a concerned 19-year-old. Even if he thinks that the first date went pretty well, he may hesitate to ask you out again if you don’t communicate your interest. Talk about a place you want to go, and it’ll make things easier for him to plan the next date with you.

  • 3. You give him ample opportunity to voice his opinion.

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    “I like how she gives me a chance to say what I want to say,” recalls a man in his 20s. If he’s not much of a talker, he will struggle to find the right things to say to you and the whole date will end up being awkward. If you happen to know he’s an introvert, don’t rush him. Give him plenty of time to interject during your conversation.

  • 4. “I’m free this weekend.” Make it easier for him to ask you out.

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    “The bar is set too high to ask her out. A small cue would be extremely helpful!” says a smiling young man in his early 20s. Even though he wants to ask you out on a date, he just can’t think of anything clever to say to you. In this case, if you crack the door open for him, it’ll be so much easier for him to gather the courage to ask you out.

  • 5. “That was super fun!” Give him your seal of approval.

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    “I usually get extremely anxious after I say good-bye. If she enjoyed the date, I’d like to know,” says a man in his 20s. This was a typical dilemma we heard from our readers. They often wonder how they did with planning the date. If you had a wonderful day, don’t forget to indicate so, before you say good-bye. You will not only make his day, but he will also be encouraged to plan another fun date.

Published: October 05, 2018