9 Changes Women Experienced After They Met Their First Boyfriend

People say that love makes women beautiful, but what kind of changes do women experience in their first romantic relationship? Learning about positive transformations other women have experienced might inspire you to take the initiative in your own love life. This time, we asked women to tell us “changes they experienced after they met their first boyfriend.”

  • 1. She felt motivated to work and study harder.

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    “Maybe it’s my boyfriend’s influence. He’s really hardworking.” Some women said they were motivated to work harder because they were influenced by their boyfriend. Perhaps helping one another improve and grow is one of the best gifts of love.

  • 2. She started to dress better and take better care of herself.

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    “I started to work harder because I wanted my boyfriend to compliment me.” Many women said they started to take better care of themselves to make their boyfriend fall more in love. The desire to keep your boyfriend interested can motivate you to work even harder on your appearance.

  • 3. She picked up a new hobby, thanks to her boyfriend.

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    “I was not interested in baseball before, but now I’m a bigger fan than he is.” Some women picked up a new hobby through their first relationship. Meeting your boyfriend could bring opportunities to broaden your outlook on life.

  • 4. She became mentally stronger because she knew she had her boyfriend’s support.

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    “I feel confident now, even when I’m in a difficult situation. It means a lot to know that I’m not alone.” Your boyfriend can offer emotional support. Knowing that someone has got your back might help you be optimistic in your daily life.

  • 5. She started to feel lonely when she’s alone.

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    “I get lonely when he goes home because his absence is really conspicuous.” Some women start to feel lonely for the first time once they have a boyfriend. But this also means that you will appreciate even more the time you spend together.

  • 6. She became nicer and her interpersonal relationships improved.

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    “Maybe I have more room in my heart because I feel loved.” When you get love, you have more love to give. Having a boyfriend helped some women to establish better relationships with others—perhaps because they no longer felt bitter or envious of other people.

  • 7. She became less hesitant around guys and she could hold normal conversations with them.

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    “I felt less nervous talking to guys once I started dating my first boyfriend.” Some women found it easier to get along with guys in general once they had their first boyfriend. Learning to tolerate guys should also help you be more open to finding new love, if ever your current relationship ends.

  • 8. She learned that she’s more dependent on others than she thought.

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    “I used to have negative ideas about depending on others, but I learned I’m also quite dependent (lol).” Some women discovered an unexpected side of themselves after falling in love. Being in love can give rise to new feelings and make you aware of desires that used to be hidden deep inside your heart.

  • 9. She no longer idealized guys solely for their appearance.

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    “I used to idealize celebrities and actors, but now I know that real men are better.” Some women realized that there’s more to a guy than his looks. Once you give yourself more options, everyday life becomes more exciting because you find more opportunities to fall in love.

Last updated: February 24, 2018