9 Traits of Beautiful Women That Guys Find “Repelling”

Taking care of your appearance and pursuing beauty can be keys to success in romance. However, being attractive does not guarantee that you’ll be successful with guys. This time, we asked men to tell us about traits of beautiful women that they find “repelling.”

  • 1. She brags about her beauty and looks down on men

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    “I don’t want to get close to women who look down on others.” Guys find it off-putting when women are self-absorbed just because of their beauty. If a man compliments you on your appearance, act modest and thank him genuinely.

  • 2. She’s self-centered around guys

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    “She’s wrong if she thinks guys would do anything for her!” When women use their beauty to get their own way, it may upset some men. On the other hand, most guys are happy to help out when you ask them for a small favor. When you’re at a party, you can tell your crush something like, “I’m a bit tipsy. Can I lean on you?”

  • 3. She changes her attitude depending on who’s around

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    “I was so disappointed when I found out that she acts differently around others.” Some guys might be shocked to find out that a woman they like changes her facial expressions and tone of voice depending on whom she is with. He’ll be thrilled if you treat everyone the same way but only give him a big smile.

  • 4. She has a dirty mouth despite her beautiful face

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    “No matter how beautiful she is, the language she uses makes her seem vulgar.” Some guys find it a turn off when women swear, such as “That tastes so f***ing good” or “Shut the f*** up.” If you end up swearing by mistake, apologize. You can say something like, “Excuse my language.”

  • 5. She’s inexpressive and silent, and her attitude is cold

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    “She seems bored no matter what she does. That’s not fun for me, either.” Some men may become discouraged when women are silent or give cold responses. If you’re not good with words, you can smile back to express your feelings and keep him talking.

  • 6. She’s so independent that she seems unapproachable

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    “I feel like I’m no good because she’s probably perfect. . . .” Men may feel intimidated when they compare themselves to women who have their life together, both at work and in private. Make jokes at parties to show that you know how to relax. This should help you get closer to the guy you like.

  • 7. She is overly concerned about her outfits and makeup

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    “I feel tired being around her. She seems like she’s a big spender.” Men might worry that dating an extravagantly dressed woman will cost them a lot of money. Most guys prefer women in classy and well-put-together outfits over high fashion clothing.

  • 8. She frequently organizes girls’ nights out

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    “When a woman only hangs out with other women, I get the impression that she likes to talk behind people’s backs.” Some guys may be distrustful of women who only go out with other females because they think she mostly gossips and talks behind people’s backs. Invite guys to join you once in a while and show them what you enjoy doing on a night out.

  • 9. She seems too perfect because she’s pretty and has a nice body

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    “I know she’s out of my league.” Guys feel intimidated talking to women who appear perfect. Talk to him about your concerns, like problems you’re having at work. Getting him to empathize will help him feel closer to you.

Last updated: February 24, 2018