9 Things a Girl Can Say to Make a Guy Withdraw and Wonder, “Should I Continue to Be in a Relationship with Her?”

Unintentional comments by a girl can make her boyfriend worry – “Is this the kind of girl I want to have as my girlfriend?” So what can she say to make a man feel like that? Here, we surveyed men to bring you, “9 Things a Girl Can Say to Make a Guy Withdraw and Wonder, ‘Should I Continue to Be in a Relationship with Her?’”

  • 1. You’re in a long-distance relationship, and she demands, “Come see me right now or we’re breaking up”

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    “When she keeps saying it all the time, it makes me wonder how selfish she can be.” Men can become disgusted with girls who are emotionally manipulative. When your desire to see him builds, try saying something positive – “I’m lonely right now, but I’m really looking forward to seeing you soon!” – and he will think warmly of you.

  • 2. When she receives a present like matching rings or a watch, and says, “I want to have everything match yours”

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    “It makes me feel like she’s being possessive, and it’s suffocating me.” When a girl sends signals that “You are my life,” a man can feel crushed under the strain. If a girlfriend wants to always be together, 24 hours a day, she runs the risk of becoming annoying. Try to build a relationship that includes independent time where each of you can enjoy yourselves separately.

  • 3. When she obsessively checks his past blog posts and picks at details, like “You celebrated my birthday at a place you took your ex to”

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    “She’s practically stalking me...” When a girl incessantly checks on her boyfriend’s movements, it can frighten him. Once you look into your boyfriend’s past, you’ll never be able to get it out of your head. So consider it taboo to read his blogs or look through his mobile phone.

  • 4. She’s pushing 40, but she says things like, “I want a big teddy bear!”

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    “It makes me wonder if she’s emotionally immature.” When a woman can’t grow out of her childish behavior, it can make a man feel doubtful. “It might be okay when girls get together – ‘OMG how cute!’” But a lot of that stuff can be cause for the opposite sex to withdraw, so try to act your age.

  • 5. It isn’t her birthday, but she demands, “When we see each other I want you to send me flowers”

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    “I think she’s been reading too many romance novels...” When a girl says something way too clueless, it might make a man reply with a wisecrack. Some men enjoy princesses, but if you want to go down that road, you’ll need to be prepared to take it all the way – for example, “You must never eat ramen in front of your boyfriend.”

  • 6. It’s getting close to the renewal date for his apartment lease, so she says, “Why don’t we live together?”

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    “Are you plotting to take us from living together to getting married!?” When a girl proposes living together, it can make a man feel wary. If both parties are thinking of sharing the same future, there’s no need to contrive a reason for moving in together. It’s better to just honestly share your feelings – “I want to stay together with you for a long time” – if you want him to think about it seriously.

  • 7. He’s in a mood to splurge, but when he takes her to a wine bar she says, “I want to drink the most expensive wine here!”

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    “Do you know how much I make!?” When a girl shows no regard for her boyfriend’s finances, it can really make him angry. If you place too much financial burden on a man, eventually he’ll stop taking you out, so be careful what you say.

  • 8. When a girlfriend who can’t do a lick of housework declares, “I want to become a housewife...”

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    “Maybe you need to find a rich guy?” When a girl with no housework skills talks about her hopes of becoming a stay-at-home wife, it can be repulsive to a guy, who might be thinking, “Maybe she just doesn’t want to work?” Even if you’re not good around the house, at least showing an effort to try – “I’ll learn how to cook!” – will bring a warmer and more protective response.

  • 9. She sees a flyer for a cemetery and says, “Maybe we should start early and buy a gravesite and headstones?”

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    “It made me pull back, because she said it like she thought our marriage was already decided.” When a girl makes lifelong plans without asking, it can make a man’s feelings cool. Leave talk about the far-off future for later, when you’ve verified his feelings about marriage.

Last updated: February 24, 2018