5 Things A Shy Guy Hopes You Do During A Date

For those men who are passive and not big talkers, striking up a conversation with a woman is a daunting task. There are things they secretly hope that women will do which they think will help them feel more at ease. Today, based on the survey we recently conducted, we will introduce you to some of the simple things women can do to help boost the confidence of a shy guy.

  • 1. He wants you to smile when he talks to you.

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    “When the situation is perfect for talking to her, I feel calm and relaxed,” explains a man in his late 20s. By smiling enthusiastically at what he has to say, he’ll be encouraged knowing that he isn’t hopeless after all. He may become incoherent at times, but that’s because he’s not experienced and he’s feeling nervous. Be patient and kind. Take time to try and understand him and he’ll appreciate your tender side and open up more.

  • 2. He wants you to pick up the pace, even when he falls quiet.

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    “I wish I were good at talking, I really do!” cries a man in his early 30s. When they can’t convey their feelings and can’t get the point across, they’re just as frustrated as you are. They’re screaming inside hoping that you’ll read their minds. If you notice that he’s struggling to keep the conversation rolling, take charge instead. Be careful not to ignore his reaction entirely, or you’ll end up being a mere chatterbox.

  • 3. He wants you to entertain one topic for a reasonable time.

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    “I don’t have that many conversation topics under my belt and I’m afraid I’ll run out of things to say and she’ll get bored with me,” a concerned young man in his early 20s tells us. If you’re quick to dismiss his efforts to strike up a conversation, he may be traumatized by the experience, especially if he’s an introvert. Be ready to exchange thoughts and opinions and expand each and every topic a bit further. He’ll be captivated that you are able to engage in any conversation topics he shares with you.

  • 4. He wants you to fire up questions so there will be no awkward silence.

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    “I’m mortified by awkward silence,” confesses a young man in his late teens. Some men are even petrified of drawing a blank in front of women they like. In order to help him avoid this kind of uncomfortable situation, the easiest remedy is to shower him with questions. Make it sound like a time challenge pop-up quiz and don’t give him a chance to be quiet. He will find you up-beat and fun to be with.

  • 5. No matter what, please don’t be negative.

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    “I feel defeated and lose all my confidence to carry on,” a man in his 20s grunts. He tries so hard to come up with things to talk about and one little negative comment deflates him completely. Even when you don’t quite agree with what he says, acknowledge his point of view by telling him, “I see that you have a point.” That way, he’ll find it easier to share his opinions with you.

Published: October 07, 2018