5 Moments When a Man Realizes He Is in Love with You

It started out as a vague fondness, but at a certain point, a man will realize that he may have fallen in love with you. He can’t wipe the smile off of his face. When exactly do men realize that they are in love? Today, based on a survey we conducted, we’ll introduce some of these moments when a man suddenly realizes that they have fallen in love with their soulmate.

  • 1. When he feels a gaping hole in his heart after saying good-bye.

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    “I felt that I wanted to be with her for a moment longer…” a sentimental young man in his late teens tells us. When he is reluctant to part with you, you have probably earned a place in his heart. When you say “good-bye”, send him off with your sweetest smile, and he’ll forever be yours.

  • 2. When he catches himself getting jealous over you talking to another man.

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    “I was stunned at how jealous I felt,” explains a surprised young man in his late teens. It sounds counterintuitive, but there are times when men only realize their true feelings after experiencing a bitter taste in their mouth. If you want to take a chance, chat with another man in front of your guy to trigger his jealous streak.

  • 3. When you appear in his dreams.

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    “Unless I’m thinking about her subconsciously, she’s not going to appear in my dreams, right?” says a curious 20-something who explains his experience. There are a surprisingly large number of men who answered “dreams” as the main reason they discovered their love interest. If he tells you that you appeared in his dreams recently, you can be certain that he thinks of you as someone special.

  • 4. When he listens to a love song and pictures you.

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    “It sounds like such a cliché but I really get into that song,” says a young man in his late teens, describing the strong feelings he has towards one particular song. By imagining the situation in the song, you become the heroine in his very own love story. That song holds a special place in his heart, so be careful not to make fun of it if he decides to share the reason why he feels so nostalgic towards the song.

  • 5. When he catches himself staring at you.

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    “…and my eyes met with hers. I panicked and looked away,” recalls a young man in his early 20s. When he’s in love, he cannot help but watch your every move. Even at times when you feel awkward when you meet his gaze, cut him some slack, since he’s simply smitten with you.

Published: November 01, 2018