9 Reasons Why You Get the Cold Shoulder from Your Male Friends

If you have ever wondered why one of your good friends started to act distant one day, there’s probably a good reason why. When faced with the opposite sex, men often experience psychological dilemmas that are too difficult to express. Some men turn their backs on the situation, making them appear “distant”. Today, we will analyze when and why they give you the cold shoulder.

  • 1. His affection towards you buds and he can’t bring himself to talk to you.

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    His emotions get the best of him, and he fears that he won’t be able to hold a normal conversation with you.

  • 2. He’s afraid that his friends will find out about his fondness of you.

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    He’s apprehensive about his buddies teasing him or getting in the middle of things, so he tries to keep his distance from you. If you have his cell number, try reaching him that way. He may feel more comfortable speaking to you behind the scenes.

  • 3. He’s trying to play games with you.

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    He must’ve read an article about love somewhere. He’s trying out the game of love and pretending to be uninterested in order to get your attention.

  • 4. He’s holding himself back.

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    If the relationship is not socially acceptable, there’s a good chance he’s trying to restrain himself from being drawn to you. It’s a defense mechanism against becoming too attached.

  • 5. He’s convinced that you’re not interested in him.

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    When a man hears a credible rumor that you have someone special in mind or you have a boyfriend, he is quick to move on. He stops flirting with you and he may even appear cold.

  • 6. He asked you out, but you declined.

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    He gathered up his courage to ask you out, but you ended up declining his invitation. He’s probably having a hard time processing his feelings and is trying to limit the damage to his psyche. It’s only natural that he becomes distant.

  • 7. He fell in love with someone else.

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    He’s too busy chasing after another woman and, unfortunately, he doesn’t have the time to think about how you may feel about it.

  • 8. There’s a bad rumor going around about you.

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    He heard an unfavorable rumor about you, and he probably can’t hide his disappointment. Are you sure you don’t have any baggage that may have given him reason to pause?

  • 9. He’s exhausted.

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    There’s no particular reason other than he is dead tired. He probably doesn’t have any energy to exchange pleasantries. Check up on him to see if he’s feeling alright.

Published: December 04, 2018