9 Special Moments When A Man’s Heart Skips A Beat

It’s that breathtaking, awe-inspiring, spellbinding moment that makes a huge difference in how things will develop when you are in a relationship or pursuing your love interest. There’s no doubt you will capture a special place in his heart if you can make his heart skip a beat. So, what exactly will give his heart that tingling sensation? Today, we dig deep to find out what makes a man’s heart skip a beat in delight.

  • 1. When your eyes meet.

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    Even the least susceptible man can sense good vibes when his eyes meet with yours. Your gaze is something he will feel, so try sending him your most passionate one.

  • 2. You talk to him and only him when he’s with his colleagues.

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    Many men gain a feeling of exclusivity and intimacy when you selectively talk to him amongst a crowd of other men.

  • 3. You smile often when you talk to him.

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    When you smile at him during a conversation, he gains confidence that you like what he said and that you enjoy talking to him.

  • 4. You glance up at him.

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    It may be overused, but it never fails. By looking upward at him from beneath your eyelids, you can apply your feminine charm and bashfulness to its fullest effect.

  • 5. When he sees your silly mistakes outside of work.

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    This works well when you have someone special at your workplace. He gets to have a sneak peek at the side that is very different from your usual, public face, and he’ll be moved by its reveal.

  • 6. You rush to meet him with a big smile.

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    You indicate how much you were looking forward to seeing him, and that alone can elevate his motivation.

  • 7. You tug his clothes to get his attention.

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    When you tug at his sleeve, he’ll realize your delicate nature as a woman, especially when you want to catch up to him when he is walking way ahead of you.

  • 8. You stick your hand in his pocket to get warm.

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    This gesture gives the indication that you want to be closer to him, both physically and psychologically, and will shake his heart to its core.

  • 9. You break down crying in his arms.

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    There’s no need to hide your emotions from him. He will display his nurturing instincts to protect you if you show your weaknesses in front of him.

Last updated: October 30, 2018