7 Regrets Women Have About Being Too Forward

Some women choose to pursue their crush actively, rather than wait for him to make the first move. However, some of these women also regret being a little pushy. This time, to help you reflect on your past experiences and to help you with your future romance, we introduce regrets women have about being too forward.

  • 1. Sending a text message with unnecessary questions.

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    You might text a lot of questions as a way to get your crush to reply. Some guys think that this is excessive. You might also regret sending such question-filled texts if your crush does not respond back.

  • 2. Always being the one to text first.

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    Some women choose to initiate text conversations with their crush. However, they also end up worrying, because their crush never texts first.

  • 3. Asking a crush to text, because you feel lonely if he doesn’t.

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    You might have the urge to remind your crush to text you. However, your crush will feel suffocated by this, because it starts to feel like an obligation.

  • 4. Calling a crush, because he didn’t text back.

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    Some women call their crush when he doesn’t text back, since they get worried. This is best avoided, because you will feel even worse if he doesn’t answer your call.

  • 5. Being too honest about wanting to see a crush.

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    You risk appearing clingy if you talk about your feelings too openly when you and your crush are not even dating.

  • 6. Being too eager to find out when your crush is available.

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    Some women try to find out their crush’s availability in order to plan a date with him. However, you might want to let him ask you on a date instead of asking him out yourself.

  • 7. Making it too obvious that you are thinking about a future together.

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    You might scare your crush away if you show that you are thinking about your future together before you establish that your feelings are mutual. This includes asking him about his views on marriage and having children.

Last updated: October 17, 2018