5 Ways to Ask A Shy Guy Out on A Date

You have your eyes on him but he is rather inexperienced in love and relationships, and doesn’t seem to know how to ask you out on a date. In some cases, it may become necessary for women to take the initiative and break the ice for those passive men out there. Today, we explore different ways to ask a shy guy out and not make him feel intimidated.

  • 1. “How about dinner together?” A straightforward approach.

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    There’s no need for you to play games. It’s simple and easy to understand a straightforward invitation. Especially if he’s a passive individual, it may be daunting for him to attend a dinner party and he may prefer to be alone with you. Depending on how introverted he is, he may decline your invitation at first, but be patient. Don’t fret and try again.

  • 2. “Let’s go. Now!” An out of the blue invitation.

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    Don’t give him a chance to think. If you act suddenly and unexpectedly, you may catch him off guard and he’ll agree to go out with you. Don’t be afraid of rejection. Be confident and be ready to take the initiative.

  • 3. “I have been wanting to try this restaurant but I’d hate to go there alone.” A need for some company.

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    By emphasizing that you don’t feel comfortable being alone in a certain setting, he may feel responsible for accompanying you. If you look helpless, he can’t possibly say no to that. Make sure he doesn’t think you’re only kidding though. You may need to put on a damsel-in-distress act.

  • 4. “Can you teach me more?” Ask for a small favor.

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    If you happen to know his forte, ask him to teach you more about it. Show your enthusiasm and interest and let him know this may take longer than just a brief chit-chat in the hallway. You may even want to invite him to Starbucks and see where things take you. The only challenge to this ploy is that you have to know his areas of strength and be prepared with plausible questions.

  • 5. “Let’s stop for a quick cup of coffee.” Keep the pressure low.

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    Rather than making an official weekend date plan, ask him out on a quick coffee break. If a café is nearby where you two have to go, it’s even better. Ask him to make a quick pit stop. If he’s inexperienced, he may feel intimidated at the thought of spending a whole day with you, but a 20-minute coffee break is much more do-able for him. Be creative with your tactics, summon up your courage, and ask him out!

Published: October 03, 2018