The Psychology of A Man Who Acts Differently Towards You in Public – 5 Cases

Your sweet and loving boyfriend acts distant and cold in front of his friends. He’s affectionate when you’re alone with him, but he turns impersonal as soon as there are other people around. Some of you may have gotten your feelings hurt unnecessarily by your boyfriends’ poor behavior. Today, we set out in search of the true reasons why men act the way they do in public.

  • 1. He’s being considerate to others without girlfriends.

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    “When I’m alone, I feel awkward when my friend shows up with his girlfriend. Conversely, out of consideration for others, I try to act nonchalantly when I show up with my girlfriend,” a man in his late teens explained. Another man in his 20s added, “I know most men will feel somewhat self-conscious if there’s a woman present. I try to act as if she’s not there just to maintain some degree of normalcy.” Deep down, most men are considerate to other male friends and try their best not to make a scene out of having a girlfriend. Though it might be hurtful to you, by knowing this way of thinking, you might be able to understand him better.

  • 2. He’s clueless about what’s expected of him.

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    “I’ve never introduced my girlfriend to my buddies, so I don’t know what I’m supposed to do or say,” a male teen confessed. A man in his 20s chimed in with his experience. “I brought my girlfriend along, but quickly realized she doesn’t have any common thread with my friends. I decided to just let it be.” Because he doesn’t know what to do, he may end up being less involved with you, or worse, not pay any attention at all. You probably find him indecisive at times, but it’s safe to observe the crowd’s reaction first.

  • 3. He doesn’t want people to witness how he flirts with you.

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    “I don’t want people to see me in this private moment!” a young man in his late teens bemoaned. Another young man in the same age range shared, “I don’t want to get the reputation that I’m a flirt.” In response to our survey, we found that many men try to stay clear of the public eye when being affectionate with their girlfriend. This seemingly reasonable behavior can often frustrate women in relationships. Still, as one man in his 20s pointed out, “Regardless of gender, when other people display affection publicly, it puts me in an awkward position!” You have to agree, he’s right.

  • 4. He wants to maintain a different persona in front of his guy friends.

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    A man in his late 20s declared, “I have my tough guy image established in public, and I want to keep it that way. I don’t want people to know that I bend over backwards for her.” Another man in his early 20s told us, “Everyone thinks I’m cool. I don’t want to reveal that I’m actually helpless and rely on my girlfriend. That would be devastating.” There’s a huge gap between his public and private personalities, and he tries to maintain two separate characters. If you notice that he’s trying to put a show on in public, be an adult and go along with his act.

  • 5. He’s simply shy.

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    “I’m sure my friends will tease me after my girlfriend goes home,” a young man in his late teens predicted. A male in his early 30s laughed, “I can just see my friends waiting to mock me.” In keeping with this line of thinking, a man in his 20s said, “Knowing my friends, they’ll have a plenty of things to tell me later!” It’s not exactly a mature response, but some men said that they feel bashful about having girlfriends. One man in his 20s mentioned, “My girlfriend is much more outgoing than I am, so I leave everything in her capable hands.” If he acts distant in front of his friends, it may be because he trusts your judgment and doesn’t feel the need to add anything to what you have to say.

Published: December 02, 2018