8 Reasons Guys Look at Other Women, Even When They Are with Their Girlfriend

Sometimes, guys can’t help themselves. They have wandering eyes, even when they are on a date. Women might have a hard time understanding such behavior, but how should you decode what guys are doing when they’re checking out women passing by? In this article, we introduce to you the mindset of guys who look at other women, even when they are with their girlfriend.

  • 1. He’s looking unconsciously and not really thinking about anything

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    Sometimes guys are not even aware they are doing it. Their behavior is pure instinct, as some admit: “My eyes just wander naturally. It’s like being drawn to beautiful flowers. I don’t know I’m doing it until my girlfriend points it out.” Be careful—if this is the case and you accuse him unfairly too often, he might resent it.

  • 2. He’s fascinated because she’s beautiful.

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    In this case, he might be aware that he is looking but there’s no big meaning behind it. As one reader says, “ I think she’s pretty, but I have no desire to date her. I’m just admiring her looks.” By stating she’s pretty, they are often just acknowledging a fact. You might find it easier to relax about this when you remind yourself how women also react to attractive guys who are are not their type.

  • 3. He’s just thinking, “I want to be her friend!”

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    Some guys have no underlying motivations. As one reader states, “I don't necessarily want to date a pretty girl. Sometimes I think it would just be nice to have her as a friend.” This might be a common mindset for guys who are philosophical and cool. However, this does not mean that he doesn’t find his girlfriend pretty. Try to avoid getting upset and blaming him for this attitude; otherwise, you could get into an unnecessary argument.

  • 4. He wants to check out a nice body

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    Guys are naturally interested in women’s bodies. As one reader explains, “I value my emotional connection with my girlfriend, but I love the visual stimulation of checking out a great body.” It’s normal for men to look at women purely for pleasure. As a woman, you might feel uncomfortable when he’s so frank about the fact that he’s doing it. If it bothers you, let him know why.

  • 5. He gets tempted to cheat, like “I want to go out with a girl like her…”

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    Some guys get greedy. As one reader states, “I start thinking about going out with somebody else.” It’s common for guys to have a strong desire for pretty girls. If you’re his girlfriend, it can be quite challenging to accept this reaction, but guys aren’t usually serious. These are the same guys who panic when they see that their girlfriend is starting to get mad. It’s important that you don’t let him get too careless.

  • 6. He looks at other women to get his girlfriend jealous

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    This is a case where a guy wants his girlfriend’s attention: “Sometimes I look at other women to see how my girlfriend reacts.” Some guys want their girlfriend to pay them more attention. If you notice that your guy is watching other women, pay more attention to him. You could start by asking him a question.

  • 7. He deliberately looks at girls who look great to show his girlfriend how he wants her to be.

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    In some cases, guys look at other women to indirectly express what he thinks of his girlfriend’s appearance. As one reader states, “There are times I look at fashion or hairstyle that I would love to see on my girlfriend.” Some guys can’t help but react when they see women who are just their type. If this happens, ask him questions, such as “Is that the type of girl you like?” and watch how he responds.

  • 8. He’s checking how he feels about his girlfriend by comparing her with other girls

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    This is a case where guys reaffirm their feelings for their girlfriend. When this happens, they are evaluating what their true feelings are. Some guys do it to reinforce their affection for their girlfriend, like “I think my girlfriend is actually pretty,” but others start to feel unsure, like “I think this other girl is actually more my type.” If your boyfriend is looking at women with wistful eyes, he might be making some cheeky comparisons.

Last updated: February 25, 2018