5 Moments When A Man Realizes He’s Not Helping Himself Win Your Heart

Before he gathers up the courage to ask you out, there’s a period of time when he feels conflict within. He likes you, but he doesn’t know how to act around you or how to process his feelings. Unfortunately, this may manifest into giving you the cold shoulder or avoiding you altogether. Of course, he soon realizes that he’s not helping himself.

  • 1. When he tries not to make eye contact with you.

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    Surprisingly, many men responded that they try not to gaze at women that they like. You may think he’s uninterested in you, but in reality, it’s quite the opposite. “I don’t want her to know that I’m fond of her, so I look away every time our eyes meet,” a man in his 20s confessed. It turns out that many men are more naïve than they look. Don’t be disappointed just because he doesn’t look at you.

  • 2. When he intentionally ignores you.

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    He’s dying to talk to you and to get closer to you, but instead, he ends up keeping his distance from you. “No matter how old I get, when I’m in love, I end up acting like a teenager,” a man in his early 30s admitted. You do not need to chastise him for giving you the cold shoulder. He’ll go home and beat himself up for his own mistake. Cut him a little slack knowing that he loves you too much to act normal around you.

  • 3. When he avoids being alone with you.

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    There’s a perfect opportunity to be alone with you, but he seems to shy away. “I’m not exactly outgoing, and I’m afraid she may not find me much fun to be with,” a man in his early 20s shared. If he’s alone with you, the pressure becomes too great for him to entertain you. If this is the case with him, just take a couple of baby steps to get closer to him. He’ll need a lot of help.

  • 4. When he pretends to be someone he’s not.

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    He acts cool and tries too hard. A man in his 20s revealed, “By showing off my past experiences, I want her to think I’m worth going out with.” When men tell tales of their heroic escapades, it is, in many cases, a sign that they are desperate to get your attention. If he starts to tell a tale, let him enjoy a moment in the spotlight.

  • 5. When he matches you up with his friend.

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    He didn’t mean to, but he ended up recommending his guy friend to you. An anguished man in his 20s who did just this told us, “I realized what I did and hated myself later. What if she really hooks up with my friend?” This is a tough one, but give him some time to realize his mistake. If he continues to push his friend on you, then his recommendation could be genuine.

Published: December 01, 2018